Village Walk

Started at 9 AM, the first site to be visited is village’s bathing site. Located in the riverbank, the site is visited by most people to gather as well as bath together; men and women. Continued to walk the rice field and joining farmer’s activity, having lunch box with local farmer. Going back hotel for afternoon tea then continued to visit Candi Tebing; an ancient temple build in 11th Century located in the bank of Campuhan River. And take an afternoon bath with locals nearby the temple is an option.

What to prepare? proper casual outfit, sunblock.

Hotel guide will provide towels, mineral water, lunch box.

Notes: rice planting activities are subject to the availability of the season

from IDR 450,000 net/person (minimum 2 persons)

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Fountain of Youth

Legend has it that there is a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. In the village of Jukutpaku, Ubud, there are at least three of them. But the journey won't be easy, passing all those bushes, beautiful village's pathways, rough terrain of the peaceful river banks, and the stunning scenary all the way, it takes three fountain to make you realize how beautiful and young you are. The first fountain is the Sudamala, which is believed to get rid of all the negative energy. The second one is the Gunung, which is located on the river bank of Wos river. Drinking its water is believed can keep you healthy inside out. And the last one is Dedari fountain. Dedari or Bidadari in Hinduism  is a deities whos their eternal-heavenly beauty are compared to none. Local believes those deities blessed this fountain with the power of beauty. 

If you don't believe such, at least the happiness and the healthy result inside out of this journey will keep you young. 

The package includes towels, mineral water, and picnic lunch at one of the stunning spot. 

What to wear? a walking shoes, sunblock. 

from IDR 450,000 net/person (minimum 2 persons)

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Home Hosted Dinner

Is the most desired activities to get close to the real Balinese way of life. The journey will begin by visiting an ancinet temple crafted on the rock dated back to 10th century at the Wos river bank, followed by a tour in the Balinese house compound where the entire big family lives together for generations. The dinner started at 6:30 or 7 pm with authentic balinese dishes. Afterward, guest can join family's activities such as preparing next day's offering, or help the children doing their homework, or simply joining the conversation of the family on general topic. It is really a cool experience. 

from IDR 450,000 net/person (minimum 4 persons)

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